The Ultimate Sample Job Interview Question and Answer in China

What questions the hiring manager or job interviewer will be asking you? How can you make yourself confident in your next job interview? Initially, these types of thoughts peep to the people’s mind those are going to make his/her next interview. Essentially, interviewing for a new job is challenging since the job capacity is shrinking now. Of course a sample job interview question and answer may reduce the worry.

Now, how to say good job in chinese? Especially in China, although the job sectors are increasing, maximum companies are emphasizing to select the perfect employee for the specified post. For this, they ask several kinds of questions to find their next employee basis on knowledge.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn multiple questions and answer that is most common job interview question. Thus let’s jump over the topic.

Question – 1: Tell me about yourself job interview question 

Research have shown maximum organizations start their first question like this. Truly, this is to see the job seeker’s superiority of how he/she could describe him/herself. This is why you will need to tell on yourself confidently so that they can find a liveliness into yourself.

The most important thing is you shouldn’t include more personal life’s things to telling lines. As example –


‘’I’m a mobile software developer. I’d done numerous software developing projects before. I’m proficient with guide a team of 20 persons as a senior developer. I was able to increase my company software sales approximately 30% than before.’’


‘’I’ve 6 years’ experience in mobile software developing. I can make user-friendly software based on android and apple. I’m a hard worker.’’

Now, look at the right and wrong segments. You can perceive the right portion specified with some catchy sentences and a sentence on selling success. Nevertheless, the second or wrong portion modified with just only a person’s about. There aren’t dedicated any achievement and eye-catchy words that grasp the manager’s attention.

Consequently, its worth to follow the right quota so that you can define your quality, eligibility and past accomplishment.

# Additional thoughts consider during telling about oneself

  • Start describing yourself with some pretty words like ‘’I’m sincere to my duty, ‘’I’m punctual’’ ‘’I like to finish my works perfectly’’ or many more.
  • Tell your skill and quality that you are impeccable for the position.
  • Give metrics of your previous works which helped your former boss.
  • Say how you can do the best by executing your talent over the job.

The above things might be added to your describing lines, it’s indispensable because you want to make a layout of each line which you would say after one. There needs to say about maintaining sequence. Don’t rush anywise just start telling confidently with a soft smile.

Question – 2: Why We’ll Hire You?

This is scarcely to find out an interviewed person who doesn’t face such an inquiry. Usually, almost every firms throw this query for getting an appropriate answer from a job seeker. To do well in this question, identify what they just require.

Highlight your speech like this-                

‘’I think I’m fittest for this post because I’ve professional experienced in this industry. My past company rewarded me by seeing my capabilities. I can give my supreme effort to do my duty.’’

Don’t say like this-

‘’I’m perfect for this post. I’ll do my duty sincerely, I handle every section for whatever you’ll permit me. I will be abiding by your command.’’

Actually, these are cheap words that don’t contribute to catching the company’s courtesy. Just highlight whatever you have done and they will realize whether you’re eligible for the vacancy. Since after hearing your past job familiarity, it’s easier to pick a competent person for the current job.

Question – 3: How Much Salary To You Want?


This is a possible question in job interview like someone will be asked how much he/she would like to get paid. But many employees do mistakes at this stage to be asked job interview salary question. and lose the chance of job opportunity. Remember, this is a trap of employees since they actually ignore the stuff who expect more than their qualifications.

For this cause, while you will be asked for salary, instead of demanding more just ask for an amount as a person get for the post or what you deserve according to the prerequisite.

On the other hand, if you share your earlier salary from a past company, the employer will decide how much you will be paid or deserve. Thus, never demand an extra salary, let them decide. Once you can show your ability positively, be definite the company upgrades your salary.

Question – 4: Interview question why did you leave your last job?

Perhaps, you would be puzzled after hearing this question unless you fixed its answer before entering to a new job interview. You may answer like-

‘’I was a sales area manager in my previous company. 4 areas were specified on me to increase sales and maintain customer relationships. But now I’m confident to handle several large areas and can increase the company’s ales tan before. That is why I want to join the company to show my capability.’’

This type of answer has a chance of selecting you. But don’t reply like this

‘’I was not fit for my previous job. My management upgraded their job criteria and I was not capable to fill the task anymore, so, I’m looking for a new vacancy.’’

Question – 5: How Do You Control The Situation When Facing Job Pressure? 


Be cautious to reply to this question. In fact, you have to make the answer that reflects you’re habituated to overcome any stressful situation. You may add-

‘’I have a lot of experience to control many stressful situations successfully. I will never be upset while introducing over pressured tasks. I just make an effective routine on completing the distressed tasks and finish. All over, I like to finish my work in time, so I’m able to accept worrying stations.’’


Question – 6: What is your weakness job interview question?

Often this ask could irritate for someone though it is common. For saying about weakness not means to recite a list of weaknesses. To defeat such a question, describe how you can handle the weakness. Yes, it is a canny answer. Moreover, try to speak-

‘’ Actually, I’m not typically an expert to maintain a team, but in my last company, I was associated to guide 2 teams for filling a selling target. Fortunately, I was able to reach my goal. Plus, my boss rewarded me for my success.”

Look at the showed point, there is no weakness described straight. Moreover, you can cover your faintness with another positive job.

Not to tell this like-

‘’ I was selected to fill a sales target. But I was not confident to guide such a big project. Then my boss assigned new stuff with me.’’

Question – 7: Which Experience Make You Feel Proud?

Often you might be asked what you are most proud of. The exact answer could be-

‘’When I was a sales executive at Tow-Max, I was able to increase more than 80% sales. I guided a team to make a complete website and rank on forts position on the search engine. This activity helped to reach countless customers and finally, we reached to our product selling goal. I’m pleased and feel proud to contribute at this profitable plan‘’

Question – 8:  What Are You Passionate About?

Interview question like this means walking in a new dynamic path but staying on focused action. During facing this question, reply like-

‘’ I love to engage customers with quality products. At my previous job, I gained 98% of customer’s positive reviews. I also like to do new research for enhancing my remaining company’s product or services.

Not to try explaining-

‘’I’m very fond of planting. Last month I’ve visited my local nursery and I found out some rare trees. I’m watering the trees regularly to keep them alive. ‘’

This is valueless words that never enrich your passion anywise. Say rather which refers to what is your passion or what makes you happy. Not only these but also there are numerous questions could be arisen according to the employer’s choice.

Some considerable things you need to remember in spite of having questions knowledge/ how to prepare for a job interview

  • Research the company’s past and current position what they stand for. It will help you to distinguish what they really require. So that you don’t apply to the wrong vacancy. Be careful to check job circular whether it matches your qualifications.
  • Don’t ask for a large salary amount. Try to make a deal within the negotiable amount.
  • What to wear to a job interview? Simply focus on your formal dress up as it is responsible to make the first impression.
  • Don’t be late. A second is countable to be selected or not. Try to stay at least 15 minutes before at the interviewing place.
  • China’s culture is typically familiar with their language. But nowadays, they’re prioritizing international language like English. Attempt to be good at the English bot for writing and speaking.
  • Speak smilingly not so laugh not so boring. Accordingly that nobody can notice you are nervous.


If you’re familiar with this sample job interview question and answer then possibly you have an opportunity to take an interviewing challenge. In fact, the more you can expose yourself smartly, the more chance to get your preferred job.

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