The effective ”SEO best practices checklist For 2020”

No doubt to say a complete SEO checklist has a hidden power of ranking a website along with grabbing a ton of traffics. While you can complete the checklist perfectly then it’s sure to grasp your potential traffics even targeted customers for a business.

The SEO checklist is a combination of such factors that leads a website to obtain organic search. Organic search means organic traffics that ensures more conversion rate than doing marketing. Remember, every year your competitors are increasing and they’re trying to take your position with applying SEO strategies.

If you want to stand in a good position or retaining the current position then no other strategies would be beneficial as an ultimate checklist. However, we’ve divided then checklist factors into 6 parts.

Let’s jump over the topic.

  • Keywords research checklist
  • Must doing checklist
  • On-page SEO checklist
  • Technical SEO checklist
  • Content checklist
  • Link building checklist

Keyword Research Checklist​

This is the initial and most important point of an ideal checklist. Basically, the organic search terms stand on proper keywords research strategy. Just think when doing not what the search terms of people are in the search engine, so how could you optimize your content so that traffics can find your site

A) Target A Primary Keyword

The primary keyword is a keyword you want to rank for each post. As an example, ‘’how to get sales’’ is a primary keyword. You have to research to achieve such keywords within a high volume with low competition.

There are many keywords research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubbersuggest. These tools assist to research from the root level. Otherwise, you can do researching manually. There are several strategies of keyword research.

B) Find Out Long-Tail Keywords And LSI Keywords

After finalizing a primary or main keyword, find out long-tail keywords and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords to smear over the content. This tactic contributes to ranking because long-tail and LSI are that search queries that people search in online to get desired pages.

As an example of a long-tail keyword ‘’how can SEO grow a business’’ Look this term, it has multiple words. The more words included the keyword you choose, the more chance to rank. Besides, LSI keywords are a related search term for the targeted keyword.

But remember to use the keywords in the content naturally, don’t force to insert anyone. These types of keywords usually can be found on keywords, planners, under the search pages and using tools.

C) Know Search Intent

Search content is the intention of people’s search. Why they will search a query, what will they know from the searched page? This kind of query fills a user’s intention of searching. Actually, the total SEO success largely influences by the internet.

In fact, you have to understand this point so that you may focus on the topic which your visitors looking for.

D) Start With Low Volume Keywords

While starting a new website, you will be tired to rank your page unless you dot chose a low volume keyword. Truly the high volume keywords that have high completion too. Approximately a minimum of thousands of competitors struggles with the same keyword to rank.

When you have less site authority so how can you announce for a race against your competitors. This is not impossible to defeat them but beginning from less competition will offer you a significant result.

Basic SEO Checklist Factors

This is standing on some SEO factors which is mandatory need to do initially. You can’t ignore the importance of it as the total checklist influenced by this list points.

A)  Install Yoast SEO, Rankmath or similar SEO plugin

Yoast SEO or Rankmath both are trending SEO plugin made for using at WordPress and for few CMS. Both plugins will help you create a site map, focusing targeted keyword, no-indexing, giving meat tag, and suggest you what are the lack and what needs to include in a post.

Actually, it will guide you to understand the things that Google likes and avoid. This is worthy because you can see the scores of each SEO task by it. So after realizing your post’s performance, you can edit the post as required.

 Don’t get nervous if you don’t use WordPress or your CMs doesn’t support these plugins, just goggle for a while there are many suitable plugins for your CMS. Ask Google by writing your CMS name.

B) Create A Sitemap

Essentially a sitemap works as a pioneer of google robot. It shows the Google robot the path of the content of a website. Creating and submitting a sitemap let your content to be indexed fast. Generally, a site map can be created by Yoast SEO and there are many sitemap creator platforms on Google.

You can check whether your or other websites have a sitemap. Just write on Google search bar (as for example) Usually, a sitemap looks like:

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

C) Create And Submit A robot.txt File To Your Website

Robot.txt defines a googol robot which content and pages it will crawl or not. In fact, you can specify your site’s crawlable pages by sitemap. You’ve known above the Yoast SEO and rank math can generate the sitemap. Look at the following example of a website whatever the site defined to crawl:



To see your own robot.txt write on search bar, ‘’ You’ll see your robot.txt if you have submitted it on Google. If you didn’t do it before may use Yoast SEO for creating.

D) Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps to see how many users in a day, week and month. It also the total impression by users, the page they visit like most, the behavior of visiting each page, the country from where the visitors are coming, the number of users ta current time remaining at your site and many things.

To get Google Analytics for your site, you need to sign up and want to paste the code (given from analytics) into your word press website. Don’t worry if you’re not a WordPress user, see the example to gain how to install analytics.

E) Set-Up Google Search Console

You never get an authentic data of our website until you don’t have search console for each search engine.

The search console might have for Google, Bing, and yahoo t check each search engine’s data about your site’s performance Minimum setting up Google search can understand how your site is going.

Don’t forget to link up to Google analytics with search console to see data from the search console in analytics.

On-Page SEO Checklist

Well, we’ve completed keyword research and did the must doing things. What’s the next step now? Actually, the next step is to do on-page SEO. So let’s go.

A) Make A Short And Meaningful URL

The short URL indicates the URL should be structured with your domain name and main targeted or main keyword. Imagine, your website is ‘’’’ and you have targeted a keyword such as ‘’ how to import automobile par from China’’

Can you think about what the URL structure would be? The URL should be structure makes a clear sense among the people to understand what the page is related to.

B) Focus Targeted Keyword Both In Title And Meta Tag

This is another important task for an ideal checklist. The keyword you’ve targeted makes sure it has on title and Meta tag.

Putting the main keyword in the Meta tag has a controversy, but if you put then you won’t make any sin, which means Google won’t look at you negatively.

C) Use H1, H2 and H3 Tag in Content

By default, your post title is counted as an H1 tag, so when would put the main keyword on the title, naturally it will be covered by an H1 tag. Secondly, try to use H2 and H3 tag in an article, attempt to put relevant keywords in this tag.

You can use H2 and H3 for multiple times, but keeping an H1 tag more than 1 time will invite a Google penalty. Therefore, be careful in this regard.

D) Do Internal And External Link Building

Internal links refer to the link you have taken from another site. Oppositely, the external link is the linking you did internally, you’ve linked page one to another inside.

These kind of links are do-follow and no-follow, both are important. Further, taking only do follow from another site and not sharing do follow to other sites is harmful to SEO. There should have a ratio amongst the do and no follow 60:40

E) Utilize Image Alt Tag Properly 

Still, now many site owners don’t care about using alt tags at content images. Though this plays an important role in ranking factors. However, the images you use at content, try to give alt tag.

Google likes the pages that have an image with an alt tag. Even while people search the only image on search engine then the tag will help to appear to their search result.

F) Add Schema Markup To SERP’s

Will you pay interest on which site has unclear information about your search intention, obviously not. Schema markup helps the search engine understand your content properly. Suppose if your search term is ‘’ WordPress crowdfunding plugin’’ It will display multiple results. At this point in the below image. There is showing ratings, votes that understandable than the pages don’t belong such these things.

Schema Markup

Schema Markup

Schema marks also make a positive impression on the visitor’s mind. So your conversion might be increased.

Content Checklist

Perhaps you know content is the king of a website. For this, the contents need to be SEO optimized. Even better content leads a huge traffics without backlinks but it wants to topically related and should have adequate information.

A) Post Content Written In AIDA Thought

Content has a robust power of seducing traffics. No people will make his/her purchase or would be satisfied until the reading content doesn’t make actual senses.

This is why try to make content on AIDA thought. AIDA means, attention, interest, desires, and action. When all the elements remain in content, your site starts getting value.

B) Focus On Readability

You have thousands of contents on your site but they have no readability. That means visitors can’t understand on which topic the page is standing for.

Writing randomly without breaking also responsible for decreasing readability. Keep breakup with the subheading, images, and quotes, etc.

C) Use Easy Sentences And Words

From this perspective, you can follow-

  • Using a short sentence which makes sense.
  • Using easy words.
  • Avoid unnecessary adverbs.
  • Avoid using passive voice too many times.

Technical SEO Checklist

Did you complete the checklist? If yes then look on some technical checklist. Essentially when a site lives on the search engine, it might have some issues for different causes. But the problem is not permanent, when seeing these simply can solve. Let’s discuss the issues.

A) Check And Fix Crawling Errors

Crawling errors means Google robot is facing problems while crawling. You can find these types of issues from the search console. When entering the search console, it will show a notification. Otherwise will get information about why the issues created and how to fix it. The errors finding the path is Google search console >Coverage

B) Ensures Site’s Fast Loading Speed

Site loading speed has a great impact on SEO. Google emphasis on loading issue. So make sure your site is loading fast. You can check the speed using the GTmetrix site,

Once found the issues for slow speed, fix immediately.

C) Remove Duplicate Content

Willingly or unwillingly your site might have duplicate content. If you know the duplicity then remove at an instance. Hen don’t know the duplicity, search console will detect the deception and you need to fix. Sometimes maybe rewarded a penalty for having duplicate or copy content.

D) Fix Broken Links

Generally, the broken links are outbound links. It may be broken for different reasons like from the page you’ve taken the link that is not available now. Anyway, broken links hamper your site’s SEO, so it requires to fix as soon as possible.

E) Check Mobile Whether Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Almost 40% of visitors use mobile instead of using desktop, tab, and laptop. So your site must be mobile-friendly. Make sure the existing design of your site suitable for mobile usage. Check the mobile-friendliness at the Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

F) Jump on HTTPs

Nowadays, Google prioritizing on HTTPs factor which ensures user’s cybersecurity. That site has no SSL or URL beginning with an HTTPs certificate that is regarded as the danger zone. If you have so, switch to HTTPs.

Link Building Strategies Checklist

The total linking building process might seem painful particularly for new bloggers. Because you have to depend on other site owner’s reply whether they will give you links. Yet, only getting links can’t be advantageous, diverse linking strategies appears SEO effective.

A) Take Link From Where Your Competitors Took Links

Surely your competitors aren’t ranking except taking links from different sites. They also took links from another site. You have to accept the challenge to receive links from the same site.

Naturally, your site is similar to your competitors, if they got links so you are able to acquire links. Plus, the site owner will pay interest to give you links.

B) Do Broken Link Building

Link building finding out broken links is a tricky way. You won’t suffer a lot to follow this link building strategy. Just find your competitor’s broken links on their links to sender websites and ask for exchanging your links with the broken link.

Don’t forget to say to them that the broken links are harmful to your website. Possibly, they will appreciate your sound.

C) Follow Unlinked Mentions

Possible you’ve seen many web pages mention another website without linking, the mentioned anchor text doesn’t make clickable sense. Like in this article we mentioned Semrush but didn’t put the clickable link.

Once you found someone mentioned your brand at their site except link. Thus, you can ask them to make your mentioned brand clickable.

The Bottom Line

This is exact that no websites reached a top position without a perfect SEO checklist. In fact, every website, business who have own site, they also have their own checklist. There are many checklist criteria is the SEO industry.

However, if you follow the above points, possibly have a chance of walking in the right way. If you have any queries let us now, we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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